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alice jones
Homemaker Divorced 6
Life is a precious gift from God. Through Jesus all things are possible, so live life to the fullest while you still have the chance. Send alice a MessageSend alice a Message
Cornelies Jones jr
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Retired Divorced 4
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Erica Holmes
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Professional driver Single
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Kaseika Watson (Jenkins)
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Educator Single 3
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Kerry Jones
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Cook Married 4
Lakethia Jones
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Single 1
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Mamie Jones (Watson)
Retired Widowed 4
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Marlon Jenkins
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Samara Jones
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Integration Specialist - Rhapsody/Mirth Developer Married 9
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Seandra Jones
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Program Director Single 1

Education, intellect, manners, speaking skill, empathy, principles, and rejecting the victim persona can lead you a long way in the world.

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